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Whether you’re planning on a hardwood flooring installation for your new home, or you’re in the process of enhancing, repairing, or remodeling existing hardwood floors, our company will be able to offer you the best prices for your needs. Servicing Houston and the surrounding areas, we have an extensive showroom that is filled with several styles and brands of engineered hardwood flooring. Our discount shopping privileges will also help you avail a much lower hardwood flooring cost. 

Why go for hardwood floors?

The busiest and most abused part of any house is the floor, due to active foot traffic it sustains day in and day out. When deciding on a type of flooring, appeal and aesthetics shouldn’t just be the only considerations. The floor has to also serve its purpose well. But by choosing to go with hardwood flooring, you stand to gain from its many advantages.

Hardwood flooring is an eco-friendly choice. Wood, a natural resource, is recyclable and renewable. It is also easier to clean and maintain, while preventing dust allergies from forming or seeping through. When the hardwood floor is muddy, mopping it would quickly remove the muck. When the hardwood floor is scratched or damaged, a simple sanding and sealing process should restore its appeal. 

A proper hardwood flooring installation should last for many decades, doing away with constant replacements and fixes. Some homeowners even like that it could get shabby over the years, as it adds character to the house; yet its appearance is timeless, warm and homey. 

Hardwood flooring doesn’t follow the dictates of trends and fashion, unlike carpet, tile, stone, or linoleum floors. This is the kind of flooring that will usually blend well with any type of theme or decor. It also increases the house’s resale value.

Why engineered floors work best in Houston?

Houston residents know that moisture can be quite a common problem. With its subtropical and humid climate, investing in hardwood flooring would be the most practical choice. Compared to solid wood, engineered hardwood flooring is less likely to expand and contract due to Houston’s temperature and humidity.

Engineered wood is still real wood, but it is constructed with less than five layers of thin sheets, bonded and configured in opposite directions so that it becomes more stable against moisture. Because of this cross-ply technique, the layers counteract, thus preventing the wood from changing form. This makes engineered hardwood flooring versatile, too. Thus, its installation can be done anywhere, whether glued, stabled or nailed down to any type of surface. 

Take off your shoes and let us take care of your floor…

At Hardwood Flooring Discount Store, we have a good selection of hardwood flooring, each offering different features that cater to all sorts of needs and tastes, whether this is traditional and old-fashioned, rustic and charming, or modern and urban.

It’s a known fact that wood was once made only available to the rich. But because production and manufacturing has greatly improved over the years, it is now possible to get hardwood flooring installation to fit any type of budget. At our store, you won’t have to worry about hardwood flooring cost, because we offer competitive pricing. 

Other than residential spaces, we also service commercial areas like restaurants and shops all over Houston. We also help build community centers, schools and other arenas for their hardwood flooring requirements. 

Our offer…

Hardwood Flooring Houston Discount offers hardwood flooring installation for as low as $1.99 sq. ft. Our wide variety of engineered hardwood flooring makes for easy installation at low, low cost. We work fast but thorough. Give us a call for a free home estimate. 

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